2016 PV EXPO, the exhibition of Lankam's strength!

2016-07-11 LANKAM read

       The 2016 Japan PV EXPO was successfully concluded on 4th, April.As the biggest and the most influential exhibition in Japan, it is the place where Chinese enterprises have made good performance. Lankam Exhibition, hand in hand with several big domestic PV companies, shines on the exhibition and impresses all again by its splendid quality!

       Lankam Exhibition has witnessed the rising, prosperity and steady development of PV enterprises, knowing very well about the displays and features of the PV products. The team has figured out our unique ways of designation, construction, and installation and dismantle of the products. No matter in Europe or in Asia, globalized quality control is always what we are pursuing and practicing. This Japan PV trip is a great home run of Lankam!

  with  years of experience and accumulation in PV industry, Lankam has met the customer’s exhibition needs with various design strategies and ways. In the only 2 days of building, the workers completed the project with high quality and delivered an exhibition stand to the customer who was pleased, which made us relieved most.

Strength witness one: perfect combination of scenario show and graphic poster    ET &  Almeden


Strength witness two: perfect match of light and color     AKCOME & RISEN


Strength witness three: artistic combination of space use and brand exhibition          SERAPHIM


Strength witness four: Small space can also offer a big stage.     BYD  &  FULLSTAR


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