LANKAM Helps EVERDISPLAY OPTRONICS to Show in China High-tech Fair with Infinite Creativity

2016-07-11 LANKAM read

Opened on November 16th every year, China High-tech Fair (CHTF) is the professional exhibition of high-tech achievement and transaction approved by the State Council. As the largest international market of high-tech achievement and transaction in China, CHTF attracts numerous exhibitors every year. As the leader of industry, EVERDISPLAY OPTRONICS stroke a pose in CHTF with LANKAM.


This time, the exhibition standing was simplified by creating the overall quality feeling using baking process. The module-type structure makes the stand attractive and creative. With the perfect combination of sound and light, however, the stand becomes brief but not simple.


Many showcases have their own characteristics, animation demonstration and spot operation, and every product is attached with instructions. Ubiquitous interaction makes visitors understand the product clearly at a glance.



LANKAM designed the overall shape and details diligently for EVERDISPLAY OPTRONICS, and provided services attentively before and after the exhibition. This time, LANKAM helps EVERDISPLAY OPTRONICS to attract various visitors with unique design style. Every successful cooperation sets a solid foundation for the next one, and we hope to create the future together.

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